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Intenational Admissions

The Physics & Chemestry training programme is open to foreign students


The Physics & Chemistry training programme is open to foreign students, via a competitive entrance examination or the submission of an application dossier:

  • Admission to the Licence 3 via competitive exam. The ENS Lyon entrance examination allows foreign students to enter the programme at the L3 level. Visit the entrance exam website.
  •  Admission to the Licence 3 via application dossier. The procedure is the same as for French students. However applications must be received as soon as possible to avoid visa issues. Consult the application procedure.
  • Admission to the Master's programme via application dossier. Applications are centralized by the International Mobility Office of ENS Lyon. International Master's scholarships are listed below. Consult the application procedure.

Ampère Scholarships

Each year, a few study scholarships are awarded foreign students, based upon the excellence of their academic dossier. Consult the scholarship application procedure and results.


The "Avenir Lyon Saint-Etienne" programme's international scholarships

Study scholarships for the Master's programme, of €400 to €800 per month, are made available to foreign students by the Université de Lyon. Attribution criteria are based upon the excellence of the applicant's academic dossier. Consult the scholarship application procedure and results.


Applications within the framework of the AtoSiM Erasmus Mundus Master's programme

It is possible to obtain two years of European funding to prepare for the M1 year of the AtoSiM programme, followed by the "Digital Modelling in Physics and Chemistry" M2 of the Physics & Chemistry Master's programme. The attribution criteria are based upon the excellence of the applicant's academic dossier.


International exchanges

All modules offered by the Physics & Chemistry training programme are accessible within the framework of "international exchange" programmes (Erasmus, bilateral agreements, etc.). Validated Physics & Chemistry programme courses are recognized by the foreign student's home university, but they do not allow the student to obtain a Physics & Chemistry Master's degree from ENS Lyon


Coming to ENS Lyon

To facilitate your arrival and integration at ENS, the International Mobility Office, the Language Centre and ASSET (foreign student association of ENS Lyon) offer foreign students:

  • Personalized "reception days" the last week of August and in early September, thanks to ASSET welcomers.
  • A dedicated reception desk, to see to all of your administrative procedures at a single location (registration, residence permit, bank account, etc.).
  • un stage de français intensif au début de chaque semestre conjuguant découverte de la ville de Lyon et pratique assidue de la langue française,
  • An intensive French course at the beginning of each semester, combining discovery of the city of Lyon and sustained practice of the French language.
  • Weekly French classes for all levels, using fun, unique methods: writing workshops, theatre, etc.
  • And all year long, cultural outings and social gatherings (start-of-the-year cocktail, international buffet, Melting Pot evenings, Cinémonde, etc.)..

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