Physicists’ Tournament

Each year, students from the department are actively involved in the preparation of the French Physicists' Tournament.


The French Physicists' Tournament is an annual meeting organized by the Youth Commission of the French Physical Society, supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and sponsored by the French Academy of Sciences.

It is an opportunity for students to meet and exchange ideas through debates on open physics problems, all in English. Created in 2014, it gathers every year several teams of students from all over France, at L3/M1 level, to debate these problems.

During the "Physics' Fights", real scientific debate marathons, the teams take on different roles, for which the students will in turn have to present results, criticize and argue on the work of another team, or moderate a scientific debate.

Each year, the winning team of the FPT qualifies for the International Physicists' Tournament (IPT). Since 2016, our team's results at FTP and ITP have been as follows.

20243rd/10Not Qualified
20222nd/8Not Qualified
20213rd/10Not Qualified
20203rd/13Not Qualified
20182nd/12Not Qualified

A research training

The French Physicists' Tournament represents valuable training for research and the professional world. The preparation leading up to the tournament and the competition itself requires students to:

  • Work in teams;
  • Analyze a problem and propose a model;
  • Experimentally question a theory;
  • Meet with researchers;
  • Present results;
  • React on the spot;
  • Evolve in an international environment.

As such, its preparation is valued in ECTS credits, in the same way as a course, by the Physics training.