Career opportunities

Academic research, R&D in the industry, or teaching are the preferred careers for students in the physics department.

The vast majority of students in the physics department continue their training with a doctoral thesis in an academic or industrial research laboratory. In the longer term, our graduates find positions in the following professions:

  • Researcher, academic, engineer, or research engineer;
  • Teacher in secondary education, in Higher School Preparatory Classes, in higher education;
  • Executive in research and development in the industry;
  • Analyst, expert, scientific adviser, or senior civil servant.

The diagram below shows the distribution of job openings for former students of the SDM program in physics. About two-thirds of graduates from the physics department work in academic research (in brown), 20% in teaching in high school (in green) or in higher education (associate professors in preparatory classes or at university, in red), and 15% in industry, administration or other occupations (in blue).


Statistiques des débouchés du département de physique sur une vingtaine d'années
Statistics of job openings for students in the physics department over twenty years.