Accounts from alumni


The professional paths of students who have passed through the physics department are varied. These testimonials illustrate the diversity of profiles. They reflect on their years at the ENS and advise current and future students. The accounts are grouped by career type:

  • The Academic Research tab includes accounts from former students who have become teacher-researchers or researchers;
  • The Teaching tab includes accounts from former students who have become teachers;
  • The R&D tab includes accounts from former students working in companies in the research and development sector;
  • The Other Careers paths tab includes accounts from former students who became entrepreneurs or worked in the senior civil service.

Ernoult Augustin
Inria Research Fellow, Makutu team, Bordeaux
The ENS offers an environment in which people with very different backgrounds mix. This will enrich both your personal and professional life.
Machicoane Nathanaël
CNRS Research Fellow, LEGI Laboratory, Grenoble
Be curious, and follow your disciplinary desires, to take advantage of the chance to go into a profession you are passionate about!
Oruba Ludivine
Associate Professor at Sorbonne University (Paris), LATMOS (Atmospheres, Space Observations Laboratory).
Work on developing your instinct (the one that will guide you in your choices) and learn to trust this instinct.
Houver Sarah
Assistant Professor at the University of Paris
Take classes that excite you.
Lam Julien
CNRS Research Fellow at CEMES (Toulouse)
Take advantage of the richness of the training courses to explore beyond what you think you like.
Fodor Etienne
Assistant Professor, University of Luxembourg, Department of Physics and Materials Science
It is important to be curious and not rush into specialization.
Dalbe Marie-Julie
Assistant Professor, Aix Marseille University, IRPHE (Marseille)
If you can, go abroad during your internship. It is a unique experience, which is facilitated by the ENS schooling.
Jeanneret Raphaël
CNRS Research Fellow, LPENS - ENS Ulm
Don't prejudge anything and find out!
Lidon Pierre
Assistant Professor, Bordeaux University, Department of Chemistry
I don't regret listening in depth to fields outside of my strict field of expertise.
Coulais Corentin
Associate professor, University of Amsterdam
Work hard, be mobile, and have fun.
Bordes Guilhem
PRAG at the IUT of Saint-Etienne, Physical Measurements Department
Don't just think about teaching and research careers.
Essig Antoine
Quantum physicist at Alice&Bob, Paris
The preparation for the agrégation in physics is a year during which we learn a lot of valuable knowledge, even for those who want to go into research.
Maurer Paco
Head of the aerothermal department for civil engines at Safran
Be open to the opportunities offered by the private sector.
Odier Céleste
R&D Engineer, Solvay, Laboratory of the Future, Bordeaux
You should not hesitate to ask about industrial research.
Salque Bruno
Director of Technical Operations at GEN-HY
The benefits of rigorous scientific training and methodology will make you stand out in a company.
Fabre Guillaume
Head of data and digital apps at Birdz - Veolia
Don't hesitate to talk to lots of people, especially people who are different from you. This open-mindedness is not necessarily the same everywhere.
Hénin Clément
Rapporteur à la Cour des Comptes
Non-research careers after the ENS de Lyon are rich and diversified. Don't be afraid to say that, thanks to your approach as a physicist, you will bring something extra to the table.
Baltzer Agathe
Head of the Paris Division, Nuclear Safety Authority, Vincennes
Talk to people, dig into the topics you like, and be curious about open doors.
Jeantet Adrien
Director of Energy Services at Enercoop, electricity supplier (Nantes)
In any case and at any time, it is possible to reorient yourself!