Admission to the program

The courses offered in the Physics Department are accessible by competitive examination and by application at each level: L3, M1, and M2.

Access to the first year of training, at L3 level, is possible in three different ways.

There are two entrance exams for ENS Lyon: the "first examination" is for CPGE students, while the "second examination" is for students from the first university cycle.  Visit the entrance exam website.

Applications for the 1st year of the ENS de Lyon Diploma coupled with the L3, Matter Sciences course, common UCBL-ENS de Lyon, must be submitted electronically through the CADENS application. See the L3 website for more information


Applications as a Bachelor's student (L3), must be submitted electronically via the portal 'e-candidat' of UCBL. See the University website for more information on the procedure.

The three admissions tracks are open in parallel, so there is no need to restrict yourself. All applications are reviewed, without bias, in order to make the program open to everyone.

There are two possibilities for joining the Master 1 program:

  • The majority of the class is from the year of L3 Material Sciences.
  • Admission to the M1 program is open to students who have completed the L3 of a university degree in France or abroad, or an equivalent program. Two types of applications are possible:
    • Application for the Master's degree;
    • Joint application for the Master's degree and the ENS diploma.

Application procedures can be found on the Master's website.

There are two possibilities for joining the Master 2 program:

  • The majority of the M2 class comes from the Physics & Chemistry M1.
  • It is possible to apply after having completed one year of a Master's degree (M1) in another Master's program or a program deemed to be of equivalent level.

Application procedures can be found on the Master's website.

The admission procedures for the training leading to the agrégation in physics and chemistry can be found on our dedicated pages: