The seminars are an opportunity for students to meet leading scientists and to see them present their latest work in a different setting from classical teaching.

As part of the Master's program, students have the opportunity to attend seminars given by internationally renowned researchers in current research areas in physics, chemistry, and their interfaces with other disciplines such as computer science or biology. The style of the presentations allows students to become familiar with scientific communication as they will experience it in their professional life, whether it is an internal meeting of a research team or an international conference. It is also an opportunity for them to exchange with recognized researchers during the questions and discussions that follow each seminar.

You will find below the list of seminars organized by the department. They take place on Wednesdays from 3:45 PM to 5:30 PM.

April 2024

10 Wednesday

03 Wednesday

March 2024

27 Wednesday

February 2024

January 2024

24 Wednesday

December 2023

07 Thursday
Thursday 07 December 2023

November 2023

October 2023

September 2023

20 Wednesday

April 2023

March 2023

22 Wednesday

08 Wednesday

February 2023

November 2022

09 Wednesday

October 2022

September 2022

February 2022

October 2021

06 Wednesday
Wednesday 06 October 2021

April 2021

14 Wednesday

March 2021

31 Wednesday