The Physics & Chemistry programme offers one year of Licence 3 preparatory coursework to start the Master programme in the best conditions.


In L3, the Physics & Chemistry training programme offers:

  • Core coursework in physics and chemistry providing students with the fundamental tools in this domain, such as quantum physics and statistical physics. Mathematics, computer science, and English - essential tools for chemists and physicists - are also taught.
  • Specialized courses in physics and chemistry, starting the first semester. Students must choose between a physics or chemistry major. This notably concerns experiment-based coursework generally carried out within a single discipline.
  • Optional coursework. This first year of the Physics & Chemistry program offers the possibility of pursuing optional training modules, which can serve as an opportunity to discover a new discipline or explore current problems of interest in physics or chemistry.
  • A research placement at a laboratory. This internship lasts eight weeks at the end of the second semester and is integral to the students' research-based training.


  • The L3 year is organized in two semesters, from September to mid-January and from the end of January to the end of July. The 8-week research internship is carried out from June to July.
  • The Physics Major is given by the choice of compulsory practical work. The compulsory courses and the core courses must be taken by all students. The rest of the program is made up of disciplinary or opening modules.

The disciplines offered in the Physics Major are as follows.

  • Experimental Physics
  • English
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Mathematical tools
  • Numerical tools and programming
  • Signal Processing tools
  • Classical Thermodynamics
  • Physics and Chemistry of biological systems
  • Analytical Mechanics and Special Relativity
  • Waves and Optics
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Experimental Physics
  • English
  • Statistical Thermodynamics
  • Atoms, molecules and chemical bonds
  • Numerical project / Problem solving / Microcontroller project
  • Physics and Chemistry of biological systems
  • Mechanics: solid and deformable media
  • Electromagnetism
  • Dynamic systems and chaos
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Physics, information and calculation