The Master in Physics & Chemistry offers a first year of non-specialized and personalized training, complemented by local research and with an international orientation. The second year of the Physics & Chemistry Master's offers 4 different course programs preparing students for a large variety of careers.

Master's 1st year

The M1 offers:

  • Advanced-level, non-specialized training. M1 courses cover the entire spectrum of physics and chemistry, so as to allow students to make an informed choice from among the various research fields within these disciplines.
  • Numerous possible openings during the second semester: Course "Viewpoint on a current research topic" cross-disciplinary or cross-curricular options in physics and chemistry, an opening toward another discipline, etc.
  • A research internship in a laboratory. Lasting twelve weeks at the end of the second semester, this research placement is an integral part of the Master's research-based training.
  • A personalized degree course thanks to a wide, diverse choice of optional courses in physics and chemistry. Students can also take courses in other disciplines at ENS Lyon, in the sciences, arts, or social sciences.

Master's 2nd year

The M2 prepares students for the beginning of a doctoral thesis. It covers all fields of physics and chemistry, from fundamental concepts to applications, including modeling and complex systems.

This program, which offers a variety of opportunities, offers the following three orientations to students in the Physics Department:

  • "Physics, concepts, and applications" course program;
  • "Complex Systems" course program;
  • "Computational Physics and Chemistry" course program.